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The Korean Language Reform of 1446

I wanted this comic to let people know how the Korean alphabet was invented by King Sejong (May 7th, 1397--March 30th, 1450), the 4th King of Choson Dynasty. According to Gari Ledyard, King Sejong invented the alphabet to make the texts more accessible to more people including the students, the teachers, the peasants, and more. I will share the brief process of the invention through this project.

I am Korean, and I use Korean alphabet all the time. I personally think it has an amazing system and methods behind it, and I wanted to honor the person who invented the alphabet I use with this project.

I used the book called “The Korean Language reform of 1446” by Gari K. Ledyard (focused on chapter 2) as reference of this project.



King Sejong panel 1 Creator: Paul Song
King Sejong panel 2
King Sejong panel 3 Creator: Paul Song
King Sejong panel 4 Creator: Paul Song
King Sejong panel 5 Creator: Paul Song
King Sejong panel 6 Creator: Paul Song


Paul Song (Korean, UCLA '22), “The Korean Language Reform of 1446,” UCLA Korean History and Culture Digital Museum, accessed June 13, 2024,